Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cuts to bus fare concessions

One of our priorities in the balance of power negotiations was reversing the cuts to bus fare concessions which are impacting on people with disabilities, their carers and pensioners. Here is the response to a petition on this issue at the recent full council:

"I thank Ms Dixon for the petition in respect of the restrictions placed on the use of concessionary bus passes from 1 April 2011.

Ms Dixon is probably aware that the previous administration introduced these changes in a mean-minded and ham-fisted fashion with many senior citizens and disabled pass holders not receiving formal notification of these changes until well after 1 April.

The new Labour Administration is committed to reinstating the bus pass concessions for people with disabilities and their carers/escorts so that they can travel before 9.30am. If finances permit, we would like to reinstate it for all senior citizens too, but the cost may be prohibitive in the near future. However I can advise Ms Dixon that there will be a report to Cabinet on 11 July about this issue and I will ensure that this petition is also considered at Cabinet.

I and my colleagues on this side of the chamber fully support the sentiments expressed in the petition as we too recognise the importance of concessionary bus passes to senior citizens and those with disabilities."

We will keep up the pressure on this issue.

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1 comment:

The other Warren said...

As i understand it carers only get free bus travel if they travel with
a disabled or elderly person.

If Labour and yourselves want to demonstrate a real commitment to carers why can't you extend the
free travel to all carers?

The carers allowance of £55 per week is a pittance this small concession would certainly help.