Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Two elections, two counties, on the same day

I assumed that my Labour opponent in Park Ward Richard McKenzie was no longer standing in Henley after his poor performance at the recent by-election there -- if my memory serves me correctly fifth place behind the Green Party. But according to the Oxford Mail he is still a candidate there for the general election on May 6. This means he will be fighting two different elections in two different counties on the same day! Nothing like a bit of ambition ;)


Adrian Windisch said...

I had a look at the poll there,
Cons 22%, Green 22%, Lab 0%, LD 22%, Other 33%.

Now its deep Tory country, so this isn't very likely. But interesting that not one person has gone for Labour.

Interesting that Richards blog makes no mention of standing there, is he shy?

Anna said...

Adrian - your blog does not appear to mention that you are standing for election in Wokingham borough? an oversight I'm sure you will be correcting...