Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nepalese New Year celebrations

Last night I attended the Nepalese new year celebrations at the Warehouse. I didn't get there particularly early as I was canvassing -- as I was arriving I saw Conservative candidate John Walker leaving with his car facing the wrong way in Cumberland Rd, I pointed to indicate the correct direction of travel, he performed a 20 point turn and drove the correct way down the road. I caught the last 30 seconds of Martin Salter's speech and was informed that I had missed the other political speakers -- sometimes you get lucky. Before I knew it and totally unexpectedly I was whisked up onto the stage to say a few words which I did. I then enjoyed a wonderful evening of entertainment, food and dancing. I have attended this event for the last two or three years now and every time I have enjoyed it. The Nepalese community is a real credit to the area!

The event was organised by the Greater Reading Nepalese Community Association.

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