Sunday, 11 April 2010

Park Ward election update

We are well into the election period now. As usual, this means that everyone is upping their game. In some cases from a very low level.

Liberal Democrats -- putting out leaflets mainly promoting their parliamentary candidate Gareth Epps. They have also been doing a limited amount of doorknocking and a resident told me that when pressed Gareth -- with their local candidate standing next to him -- acknowledged that Rob White had been working hard locally saying that he "works harder than some of the Labour councillors". When the resident suggested that he would "vote Rob White at the locals and Gareth Epps at the general" Gareth said that he understood.

Conservatives -- putting out David Cameron and Rob Wilson leaflets -- some on my road left hanging right out of letterboxes which is guaranteed to annoy residents! They have also been doing some canvassing and I saw a mob of them out on Friday night heading into Newtown.

Labour -- putting out the first Park Voice since April 2008 -- I was beginning to think Park had lost its voice. They have also been out canvassing. I also saw a classic glossy Dodds leaflet advising residents to "Call 000 0000 today!" To "Keep Labour working for you in Reading East." Oh dear! Someone obviously forgot to check that before sending it to the printers.

Green -- we put out our Green Reading newsletter at the end of March. Since then we have been mainly canvassing -- the photo is of our canvassing team earlier in the week -- and support from the last few years seems to be holding up well. We are also picking up disillusioned Labour supporters who like the fact that the Green Party is on the centre-left politics -- rather than that crowded bit of land on the centre-right occupied by the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour. They also respect the fact we have been active all year-round and were so close -- just 20 votes -- last time. We are also gaining support from the Lib Dems and Conservatives who are positive about the fact that we have been working hard all year-round and are backing us because their party doesn't stand much of a chance in the locals in Park Ward (2008 local elections: Labour 1014, Green 994, Conservative 704, LibDem 286). This weekend more canvassing and posters.

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Bear said...

Good on ya Rob.
I'm looking forward to the Tories doorknocking.

Haven't seen much of the other parties which is annoying as I like a good argument.

We've got our poster up - nice to see others around Newtown.