Thursday, 11 March 2010

Deposit secured, donations for Freepost leaflet needed

Just a quick update on our Reading East fundraising. We have now sold 25 election bonds to cover our £500 deposit -- which every candidate/party has to pay to stand in the general election, you get it back if you get over 5% of the vote -- in Reading East. Thanks to everyone who bought one!

The next challenge is to raise funds to cover the Freepost leaflet. This is the leaflet that the Royal Mail will deliver for free to every house in the constituency -- which is a massive saving on paying to post the leaflet. However, you still have to pay to get the leaflet printed. This will be a really important part of our campaign to spread our message "Fair is worth fighting for!" -- creating jobs, alternatives to cuts and protecting and improving the NHS -- to everyone in the constituency. So the next challenge is to raise £600 to cover this. All donations welcome, you can give via PayPal -- in the right-hand column of the website -- or by posting a cheque payable to Reading Green Party to 22 Cumberland Rd, Reading, RG1 3LB.

I have put a meter in the right-hand bar to show how we are doing and got the ball rolling with a £20 donation.

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