Saturday, 6 March 2010

Action for children

In my capacity as Parliamentary candidate for Reading East I have just signed the action for children pledge:

"Early intervention is the best form of child protection and the best way of making sure children thrive. In the UK we spent too much time and money picking up the pieces when it's too late. This has to change and we need your help to make it happen."

This is well and truly at the centre of the Green Party Parliamentary campaign under the slogan "Fair is worth fighting for!". Unfortunately this will be one of the areas which suffers under the "swingeing cuts" being proposed by the three main parties as positive programmes such as Sure Start face cuts to budgets.


MKMXM said...

Good to see Rob and much agreed.

You'd be unsurprised to hear I object to "three main parties" being used in such a throwaway form, as recently as 2nd Feb 2010, Annette Brooke (LibDem spokesperson for Children, Schools and Families) reiterated our long-standing commitment to Sure Start even before it was implemented by the Labour Govt., although we would like to see the money being allocated more efficiently (in the latter rollout of the programme this wasn't neccesarily the case) and improving on their outreach work to the families that need the help most.

I cannot speak for the other parties, but I believe Labour are also in full support of the programme.

Early intervention is key, it's the building blocks to a childs life, we need to give them the best start possible.

Mark x

Steve said...

Spot on Rob.

The Sure Start programme is wonderful. My wife and I had a child almost two years ago now and our local centre has offered a lot of support.

It actually made me quite proud to come from a country that offered these sorts of services.

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