Saturday, 27 February 2010

Park Ward councillors on holiday?

I just got the latest statistics through on councillor activity -- the number of items of work each councillor has put through the system they use to get answers to questions from officers and request repairs for residents. Of particular interest to me is Park Ward, which is where I will be standing in the local elections on May 6. I was amazed to see that for the period July 2009 to February 2010 the local councillors had been so inactive:

Shirley Merriott (Labour) -- 2 (0.25 per month)
Jon Hartley (Labour) -- 4 (0.5 per month)
Wazir Hussain (Tory) -- 26 (3.25 per month)

I looked back through my activity reports and for the same period I have done over 150 items of casework (19 per month) off the back of our year-round doorknocking. I think Jon and Shirley should be handing back their £8,000 each of councillor allowances! In terms of value for money Shirley is receiving £4000 for each item of casework!

For the full results click here.

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