Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fillings and free dentistry

I just had my first filling in 10 years. It wasn't as painful as I feared it might be. No injection needed this time -- which as I remember was the most painful bit last time. Although there was a £40 pain to my wallet.

This got me on to thinking about the dire situation of NHS dentistry. Last time I was looking for somewhere to register I couldn't find any NHS dentists in #rdg who were taking on patients. In the end the Castle Hill Clinic opened up offering a mix of NHS and private dentistry, so I signed up. I've also recommended this practice to a reasonable number of people who were in a similar position of not being able to find an NHS dentist taking on patients close to them.

The Green Party is calling for major improvements to NHS dental care to ensure that everyone has access to basic dentistry. Under Green proposals, expensive dental fees would be scrapped, basic dental care would be free and dentists would be given the resources they need to ensure equal access for all.

Fair is worth fighting for.

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