Wednesday, 3 February 2010

LibDem's candidate for Park Ward appears

With the local elections just three months away the LibDem candidate for Park Ward Alex Kirke has appeared on the radar just in time. No doubt as happened in 2008 there will now be a forest's worth of LibDem propaganda claiming to be best placed to win the ward even though their vote has fallen in Park at the last three local elections resulting in them finishing fourth last time.


MKMXM said...

Just as Green Party letters I received yesterday had a bar chart not telling which election (Euro's) or which year they were fought (2009).

Either way, good luck Rob and to all the other candidates of which I've met 3.

Candidates should be judged by their action and commitment, of which I know both you and Alex are very committed and active (Alex had been chasing up Environmental Audit's and speaking to local residents prior to being selected, as have I).

Please, if you are going to claim a 'clean' fight between you on FB, stick by it.

Rob White said...

Sorry, I don't know which leaflet you are talking about? From my archive, the last two we delivered say:

"At the last local elections we were just 20 votes behind."

We don't mention a year in this one, but it is fairly clear that it was the most recent one and we do say what type of election.


"How east Reading wards voted at the 2009 European elections."

We mention both the year and elections. So I am not sure what you are talking about, feel free to scan it in and send it to me.