Sunday, 7 June 2009

Unofficial European election figures from Reading

I have just got back from the Reading count. They hadn't declared the official figures when I left, but the Green Party on the unofficial figures has finished in third place across Reading, beating the Lib Dems. Notable Ward results include, Park Ward, where we finished first, beating all parties by a majority of over 300 votes and Caversham, Thames and Mapledurham Wards, where we finished in second place. I will post more accurate results when I have them.

This vindicates our positive campaign based around fairness, integrity and the environment. It also gives me great hope for the local elections in 2010, where we shall hopefully breakthrough and get our first Green councillor in Reading.

UPDATE: the Green Party finished in second place in the East Reading wards (C 6,051; G 3,504; Lab 3,057; LD 3,040; UKIP 2,169) thanks to Cllr Willis for the figures.

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