Monday, 15 June 2009

Two months in the life of a Green Party campaigner -- April and May activity report

With the European elections it has been busy for the last two months, so I have not had a chance to do the April activity report. I have therefore rolled it in with the May one.

Thanks to Cllr Willis for the idea of the summary.

Council meetings attended -- 1
Community meetings attended -- 9
Council enquiries and requests for repairs -- 8

Council meetings

I attended Cabinet to support the Kings Meadow Campaign to protect the baths and green space.

Community meetings and work

Highlights included taking part in the Reading Single Homeless Project sleep out, attending the Reading Cycle Campaign AGM and supporting the Gaza Crisis Group's football event.

Resident enquiries and requests for repairs

Although in election mode and not proactively seeking casework I helped residents on issues such as overhanging greenery, speeding and that perennial issue of parking problems in Newtown.


As well as the positive Euro election campaign results -- first in Park Ward and second in East Reading Ward's -- we succeeded in getting the alley at the top of Cumberland Rd gated to prevent fly tipping. This has taken at least two years of work including meetings, newsletters, clear ups and lots of liaising with the Council and local businesses.

Green Party

Highlights from the last few months include having the big Green campaign bus in Reading and the hustings that Caroline Lucas took part in at RISC. The activity that has probably taken most of my time over the last few months though is canvassing which I always enjoy.

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