Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bike ride on Saturday -- critical mass

The critical mass on Saturday was a great way to get from my side of town -- East Reading -- over to Prospect Park for the bike festival -- and a good way of ensuring a crowd at the event. Admittedly, I was there a few minutes late for the start of the bike ride, but a quick U-turn on the Wokingham Road and I had joined the mass. At a guess I think we must have had about 50 plus cyclists. I always enjoy the sense of security and community of cycling in a large critical mass.

The only minor problem of the ride was when the mass was cut in half at some traffic lights and we never got together again. Maybe some informal stewarding might of helped?

Thanks to Adrian for this video of the event.

There were a variety of stalls at the bike festival -- although a few people were complaining about the lack of tea and coffee! The bike surgery run by Cycle Zone and the company -- who's name I cannot remember -- giving people test rides were both popular.

I will definitely be there next year.

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