Monday, 2 March 2009

February monthly report

February has been a very busy month mainly due to my house move -- I'm now on Cumberland Rd. Despite being without home e-mail access for over a week I've still managed to keep busy and get a few things done:

-- knocked on doors to talk to people -- we have now knocked on every door in the Ward since the elections in May campaigning on reducing junk mail and helping people tackle local issues

-- following on from conversations with residents we have got some new public litter bins, got graffiti cleared, requested yellow lines and made progress with getting streetlights fixed -- to name just a few of the bread and butter things we've been working on

-- did my crossing patrol duties at Alfred Sutton school

-- helped organise some RESCUE (Rivers and Environmental Spaces Clean Up Event) events for March

-- made some progress with getting the Sun Street community garden finished

-- lobbied the Council for a better insulation scheme

-- kept people informed with regards to the landscaping works in Palmer Park

-- supported the campaign against AWE Burghfield expansion plans

-- attended meetings including: PTA, East Reading Community Workers, Transition Town Reading, waste stakeholder meeting, Green Party AGM.


Glenn said...

You've no knocked on my door Rob :(

Rob White said...

Yes we have. I think you are on Brighton Road? I distinctly remember doing Brighton Road, because I organised a photo opportunity for the campaign we were doing at a house on Brighton Road. We might of talked to one of your housemates, and if no one was in we would have left a sorry we missed you -- which might have been thrown away before you saw it. If you would like to raise any issues I would be happy to call round again.

Oranjepan said...

As I also said last month this report requires solid data to make it worthwhile.

So I will repeat - I agree that transparency is necessary, but it is also vitally important that we uphold the same standards as those we demand from our elected representatives.

Rob White said...

To answer the criticisms of my being general with my casework item reporting in my monthly report I have done a bit of work and here are some numbers. But before I do that I am defining a casework item as when I have not been able to answer a resident's query on the doorstep and I have had to contact another agency -- Council, police, Railtrack, etc. -- or where a resident has requested some work to be done and I have had to contact another agency.

Since the local elections in May 2008 residents in Park Ward have raised 221 casework items with me. I have completed, replied -- where one was required -- and closed 147 of these.