Friday, 27 March 2009

Cycling in Reading -- is the bush too big?

Living in Newtown I spend a lot of time cycling down the Kennet side into the town centre. This is generally a nice cycle, but it gets a bit hairy round the back of the Queens Road car park. This is because there is a row of shrubs and trees at a sharp bend in the path. These stop you seeing round the corner making collisions more likely. I asked the company who own the car park to cut the shrubs which they have done. I would be interested to hear if people think they need to go any lower?


OffYourTrolley said...

Cutting down vegetation to avoid collision because you are speeding? Not always the best argument (though sadly it is one I often encounter with motorists). Why not try going slower? Too many cyclists speed - to the detriment of vulnerable pedestrians.

Rob White said...

I do go slowly round the corner! But when the bush was big the corner was blind and there was the possibility of a collision. Now the bush is lower the corner is safer.