Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Redlands Ward permit parking going live dates, zones and applying for permits

Above is a map showing the new residents’ parking zones in Redlands Ward. Alexandra Rd and to the east are in permit zone 13R. Avebury Square, and Upper Redlands Road(no.1-29) is in permit zone 15R. Allcroft Road, Whitby Drive and Lancaster Close are in resident permit zone 10R. Your permits only allow you to park in the zone in which you live.

The new parking scheme will be carried out in separate phases due to the size of the scheme.  The first phase to be introduced will include properties within Whitby Drive, Lancaster Close, Avebury Square and areas east of Alexandra Road (with the exception of Upper Redlands Road), this is due to be implemented by 23rd Jan. If you live in one of these areas you should have received a letter from the council about applying for permits.

The rest of the approved scheme will be the second phase and is proposed to be delivered at the end of March, this is subject to the delivery of pay and display machines. The council hasn't written to people in this area yet about applying for permits.

If you want to get further updates on the rollout of the parking scheme send me an email:

If you live in one of the phase 1 areas and you haven’t applied for a permit for your car or visitors’ permits already you will need to do so quickly. More information on applying for permits below. As well as ordinary residents’ permits there are special permits for other groups such as carers. There are also discretionary permits for people who don’t qualify for other types of permit and some transitional measures. Contact the council for more information on these and if you don’t get anywhere let us know.

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