Thursday, 19 January 2017

Park Ward parking and Crescent Road road safety update

Crescent Road road safety scheme
The new parking scheme in Redlands Ward will clearly create knock on problems for Park Ward. We have been lobbying for the Park Ward parking scheme scheme (bordered by Eastern Avenue, Whiteknights Road, Church Road, Wykeham road) and the Crescent Road road safety scheme to be developed and consulted upon as soon as possible.

When we recently raised this with transport planners they said that they were now in a position to start moving forward with the parking and the Crescent Road road safety schemes. We have asked for a meeting in February and will keep residents updated.

An initial idea for the Crescent Road scheme is here. This went to the Traffic Committee recently:

Let us know what you think as well as your thoughts on parking.

If you are interested in regular updates on both of these schemes we have set up a Google group – link below. If you have a Google email address you can subscribe yourself. If not send me an email to and I will add you.

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ashana said...

We need parking permit at Wykeham RD taking into consideration for working people who rely on their car to work.the surrounding are are permitted parking only and people from those roads are parking on Wykeham RD and pushing out residents miles away such as Walkingham RD to park. When one has a shoping and children, it is getting hard to park far away and walk back.


12 Wykeham RD, RG6 1PP

Achame Shana