Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WEA temporary parking success

Following the planning meeting where Green councillor Jamie Whitham was asked to work with the WEA and council to help ensure there is sufficient parking for studentsWEA temporary parking, we now have a temporary solution to keep courses going in the short term. More information below:

"Further to your enquiry below, I have been asked to respond as the building manager of Hamilton Centre.

We have been working with WEA to find a temporary solution which will ensure parking until the end of term.

As of the 12th May we have permission from UTC, who joint manage the playing field adjacent, to set up a temporary parking area on a triangular piece of land south of the centre. This will be available to WEA until the end of term. I have attached a map which has been shared with WEA organisers showing the area and how to access it. The route to access the parking will be marked clearly to ensure cars do not stray away onto the field and will be signposted to aid users...I will also be on site on Monday morning to help facilitate the students as they arrive and we will be monitoring the use of this area over the coming weeks."

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