Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Crowdfunding campaign helps get our message, for the common good, out in Reading East

crowd funded leaflet Reading EastThanks to everyone who chipped in to get a leaflet through the door of every house in the constituency about a fairer, healthier and more affordable Reading. Hopefully if you live in Reading East you have seen it? Text from the back page below:

Rob was elected as Reading's first Green Party councillor five years ago, and has worked with passion and commitment for the people of Reading. Rob joined the party in 2003 after Labour ordered the illegal invasion of Iraq. It was clear then, as it is now, that the business as usual parties failed to act for the many by not challenging inequality. Only the Greens offer real change from the status quo.

Rob’s priorities are making Reading a healthier, fairer, more affordable town. He is proud to be Leader of the Green Party on Reading Borough Council. Green councillors have achieved much for the common good – getting more people a living wage to tackle poverty and solar panels on council buildings to cut our carbon emissions and bills.

Rob is inspired by community, and his campaigning work has always focused on bringing people together. He believes that change is needed now more than ever and, if elected, will represent Reading East with tireless determination, supporting:

· a living wage

· our NHS

· council housing

· energy-saving measures

· free education for all

Rob will stand up for Reading against the tide of austerity that threatens so many of us. People who didn’t cause the financial crisis, don’t have off-shore accounts, and don’t get enormous bonuses – ordinary families and communities. With your help Rob wants to take his passion and hard work for Reading to Westminster as your MP.

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