Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kizzi urges Redlands (and Reading) to get registered by midnight Monday

Kizzi register to voteKizzi Murtagh, Green Party candidate for Redlands Ward in Reading has called on residents to waste no time in getting registered to vote ( The deadline is midnight on a Monday, April 20.

Campaigning alongside other Green Party activists and members, Kizzi Murtagh said, “It’s so important that you don’t lose your voice in May. So much depends on the people we elect in the local and general elections; from decisions about parking and road safety at a local level, to defending a fully public NHS, scrapping tuition fees and tackling climate change at a national level.”

Nationally, the new individual registration system has seen 2% of voters lost from the electoral roll, and across Reading this rose to 5%. But Redlands Ward in Reading East has lost an amazing three times this at 15%.

Kizzi has commented on this, stating that, “we've been out knocking on doors all year and found large numbers of houses with no registered voters at all. In some roads in Old Redlands up to half of the people living there aren’t registered. What state does that leave our local democracy in?”

The deadline to register to vote is April 20th, it is simple to do and only takes two minutes online at:

The only information you need, beyond basic contact details, is your national insurance number. If you're unable to make to the polling station on the 7th of May, you can also apply for a postal or proxy vote. Details of how to register for proxy or postal votes are available from the following link:

If you think you’re registered but haven’t received a polling card, you should call the council’s election hotline on: 0118 937 3717

Take Kizzi's advice, “Don't lose your right to vote! It doesn't matter who you intend to vote for, it’s important to just get registered, otherwise who decides the outcome of the local and general elections? Not you. Don’t leave a decision as important as that to someone else.”

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