Sunday, 5 April 2015

Crescent Road closure

No entry road markingJust sent out an email to people on Crescent Road about an upcoming closure.

“…closure of Crescent Road outside No. 113 on 21st – 22nd April 2015. The order has been requested on behalf of Thames Water to carry out repairs to a leaking water main. During the works/closure a signed diversion route will be in place via Eastern Avenue, Whiteknights Road and Hamilton Road. Residents will be notified by Thames Water via a letter drop in due course.”

For more information, please contact Luke at the Council: 0118 937 2293



clareyhails said...

Hello. Could you let me know if the pavements will be open or not... thank you!

clareyhails said...

hi Rob. Can you confirm whether the pavement will be open or not. thank you.

Rob White said...

Yes pavement should be open.