Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Internal solid wall insulation fitted through the Green Deal

We took the plunge recently and through the Green Deal have got some internal solid wall insulation fitted (at the front of the house) and are going to get external solid wall insulation (at the back of the house). This should mean we have to use the heating less and save us some money. Pictures below.

Unfortunately, it has been a pain navigating the Green Deal system, and I gave up once. However, I was motivated to give it another go when I heard about the grant available for hard to treat properties – with solid walls rather than cavity walls for example. I'm not sure what the current state of play with this grant is, but I know it was made less attractive recently.

UPDATE: this grant is no longer available. But I'm sure there will be others in the future.

I would encourage people to look into the Green Deal, but what I fear will probably happen is that people will be put off because it is complicated and takes a fair bit of time. What we really need from central government is a change of mindset and funding to get all homes up to a decent standard of insulation on a street by street basis.

The first picture is me with some insulation board, which has also been fitted to the wall.

Rob with insulation board

The second picture is a better shot of the board mounted to the wall.There are a few bits of spare board on the ground.

insulation board and window detail

The final picture is the wall after it has been skimmed with plaster. The skirting board has been remounted.
insulation board and window detail finished

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Lindsay Padbury said...

We visited local superhome & I would recommend doing so if you are looking to make your house more environmentally friendly.