Monday, 6 October 2014

Campaigning for swimming lessons at Arthur Hill #rdguk

Ever since swimming lessons at Arthur Hill stopped we have been lobbying the council to do what it can to get them going as soon as possible.

Many residents have contacted me saying that it just doesn't make sense and quite often is very difficult for them to access swimming lessons elsewhere in Reading.

The council is in the process of changing its pay policy, this should allow the council to attract the coaches, which should in turn mean that we can get the sessions going again. More information below:

"Unfortunately we have been unable to re-instate the Aqua Academy Swimming lessons at Arthur Hill pool due to the lack of Swimming Coaches. Since January this year we have been advertising the sessions to our internal coaching staff. We also have an ongoing external recruitment for coaches but again no coaches have come forward.
We are currently going through market supplement changes for our coaching rates. It is hoped that the Swimming Coach rate will increase to become in line with other providers. Following on from the market supplement changes we hope to recruit more swimming coaches.
We are very keen to reinstate the lessons at Arthur Hill and will keep you informed of any further progress."

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