Friday, 5 September 2014

Update on #CemeteryJunctionworks in Reading #rdguk

Jamie highlighting raised roadAnyone that lives near or passes through Cemetery Junction will have seen the ongoing improvement works at the junction and along London Road (picture above of Jamie Whitham by new raised crossing). This should benefit all road users, pedestrians, cyclists and bus users especially.

The Green Party got the council to start the transport study which led onto these works when we held the balance of power back in 2011.

Residents have been asking a few questions which we have answered below.

Q. When will this scheme be finished?
A. It should be finished by the end of September. Some of the things left to do are: pavement resurfacing, reinstalling bike parking, planting trees and shrubs, removing old traffic lights.

Q. Why is the crossing by the Abbot Cook moving?
A. A camera survey was done of the junction and the new position of the crossing by the public toilets was found to be the most desired route. This route has been safety audited independently.

Q. What has happened to the bike parking (railings) outside the Co-op?
A. All railings are going as part of the decluttering initiative. This creates wider pavements and the evidence is that it improves road safety. People don't jump over them and fall for example. Bike parking is to be reintroduced in the form of angled stands outside the Co-op and Mr Cod.

Q. How do I get from the Arch to the central island?
A. There will be a white island painted on the road and the dropped kerb will be extended to make this route easier.

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