Thursday, 4 September 2014

Live near a grot spot? Alley needs clearing? Reading RESCUE could help #rdguk

Reading RESCUE is a community tidy up event. Why not organise one in your area?
Jamie Samurai sword, mop RESCUE lq
In the past we have organised clear ups along the Kennet and Thames, we have done alleys – above is Green councillor Jamie Whitham with the rubbish he cleared from an alley on Manchester Road –  Newtown and parks.

Do you have a bit of land nearby that could benefit from a clear up? Why not get together with a group of friends and family and organise a RESCUE clear up. The advantage of doing this is that you can get some equipment from the council and that they will take away the rubbish afterwards.

Alternatively, Reading RESCUE publishes a list of groups and where they are working closer to the weekend so you can join a group running an existing event instead.

The next Reading RESCUE weekend is Thurs 9th to Sat 11th October 2014. The following one will be in the spring.

More information on Reading RESCUE including the online registration form can be found here.

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