Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wokingham road double parking update #rdguk

Following our petition to tackle problematic double parking on the Wokingham Road near to the shops and Alfred Sutton school, handed in by Green councillor Josh Williams, a report came back to the Traffic Committee recently – item 7 on the linked to agenda webpage.

There was both some positive and negative in there. In summary even though the double parking is dangerous in most cases it is not illegal.

However the Council has committed to conducting a review of the parking restrictions in the area starting in September.

We will keep working to improve road safety and create a more pleasant environment for walkers and cyclists.


Reading Quakers said...

Hi Rob.

Whilst on the topic of Wokingham Road, less that half a mile to the east is its junction with Church Road. There is a newly built block of shops, with a new pavement and kerb outside. This kerb has not been lowered, making it difficult for wheelchair users on the north pavement of Wokingham Road to cross Church Road. It's also difficult for cyclists to get onto the Wokingham Road cycle path when turning left from Church Road, and vice versa. Please would you get the builders to lower the kerb. Best wishes, Tony

Also... There are pedestrian crossing lights across Wokingham and Wilderness Roads, but if you are on the north side of Wokingham Road you have to cross three main roads to negotiate the junction. It would be very nice to have a set of pedestrian traffic lights installed across Church Road!

Rob White said...

Thanks for the information. Yes this crossing is not ideal. Unfortunately it is in Wokingham. We have tried getting them to improve this crossing before but failed to get anywhere. You could try writing to Wokingham Council if you haven't done so already? I will have a look next time I am up there and have another go myself, but the more people that raise these issues the better.