Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fed up with fly tipping in #rdguk?

Below are some top tips from a leaflet we produced a while ago about tackling fly tipping and litter:

· Illegally dumped waste should be cleared in the weekly cycle; if it hasn’t been, let us know

· Don’t throw it away – Freegle it away! Visit for info

· Love Clean Reading have an app for smartphones to report fly-tipping:

· Five or more adults in a house should result in a larger bin for that household; get in touch if you haven’t gotten one

· If you see someone fly-tipping, let us know or report it to the council

· For information on the bulky waste collection service, visit (we are lobbying for a free collection to be reinstated)

· The Reading RESCUE community led litter pick happens twice a year, let us know if you are interested, or look out for posters in the spring and autumn.

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