Monday, 24 June 2013

Travellers in Palmer Park update #rdguk

I got the following update from the Council on the travellers in Palmer Park:

"Travellers pulled on to site at Palmer Park over the weekend (Sunday afternoon).

Access was gained by forcing over a bollard from the smaller Wokingham Road car park and the group (19 vehicles) are currently set up around the newly established Funfair area, adjacent to the stadium.

The incident was immediately reported to the police who attended site yesterday afternoon and took details of the vehicles and occupants etc.

The police reference for this incident is URN701 of 23/06/2013.

Billy Davis Funfair had been due to pull on to site today to begin to set up to trade from the 27th June – 14th July.

I have contacted the Funfair operator and made them aware of the situation and have also been in contact with Thames Valley Police to see if (with the above in mind) they will consider using their section 61 powers to move the group.  I am currently waiting for a call back from Thames Valley Police to discuss what can be done.

I will update all as progress is made with resolving this issue."

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