Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Mosque planned to the East of Reading #rdg #rdguk

A new mosque is planned in the greater East Reading area. The text below has been taken from the Alexandra Road mosque's website:

"The New Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre

Donations are urgently needed to secure the new building proposal to offer the Muslim Community a new Mosque.You may be aware of the golden opportunity to purchase the ‘Amdocs Building’ to convert into a new Masjid and Islamic Centre. This building is situated on the junction of the A4 and A329M on the Suttons Business Park roundabout."

I believe leaflets are being distributed and that there is a pre-planning application consultation meeting on Saturday, but I need to confirm the precise details. Once I have them I will post them at the bottom.

I have had a resident contact me asking what this means for a mosque at Green Road, and the honest answer to this is I don't know. I do know though that a number of different groups were interested in a mosque on the Green Road site so my best guess is that there is still interest in this project. The Council's position is unclear though.


Christine said...

Cabinet minutes from July 2012 say that RBC was withdrawing from proposals to lease/sell the Green Road plot to Alexandra Road mosque committee. Facebook page for Aisha Masjid shows that purchase of the Amdocs site was completed about 28 March 2013. I understand the conference room is already operational, and facilities for hot drinks.

Rob White said...

Thanks Christine. I am aware that RBC is ending the sale and lease. It is unclear to me though what the plan is after those activities have been completed. Do you know anything further?

Christine said...

Sorry, no idea. I don't think any of the existing operating mosques has the funds to go for the Green Road plot.