Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Arthur Hill closure update #rdg #rdguk

I got the following from the Council on Arthur Hill swimming pool which is currently closed:
“The Arthur Hill Pool and Fitness Studio at King’s Road has been closed until further notice to enable a structural  survey to be undertaken regarding part of the building. We will be making contact with regular block bookers and members to advise on alternative arrangements. We expect the facility to re-open once any necessary remedial work has been completed.”
Q  Why has the facility been closed?
A  We need to carry out an essential survey to part of the structure.
Q Why has this happened at such short notice?
A The facility has been inspected on a weekly basis, and following concerns regarding the condition of a structural beam it was decided to ask for an independent inspection by the Council’s Building Control officers. They advised that the pool should be closed to enable intrusive investigations to be undertaken.
Q What exactly is the problem?
A An inspection has revealed a structural issue with a beam which needs attention. 
Q  How long will it be closed for?
A  Too soon to say. We will keep customers fully informed.
Q  Have customers been at risk as a result of the structural issue?
A  We would never knowingly allow customers to be put at risk. The facility has been inspected weekly and following an independent review today we have acted as quickly as possible on the advice we have received.
Q  What sort of remedial/maintenance work will you be carrying out?
A The survey will identify a number of ways to deal with the problem.
Q  What will happen to the staff?
A We will be re-deploying staff to other leisure facilities in the borough until Arthur Hill can be re-opened.

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