Thursday, 27 December 2012

Draught busting workshop by Transition Town Reading #rdg

Transition Town Reading are running this interesting and useful workshop on draught proofing your house. This project is aimed at the general public and specifically the most vulnerable in the town.

"As you may already be aware Transition Town Reading, a small special interest group interested in the environment and community, has recently been awarded a grant from Reading BC to fund materials for a draught busting project and to help with some internal thermal imaging surveys. We are running an information seminar on Saturday 12th January at RISC from 13:00 til 15:00. This will be useful to all who have problems with draughts in their homes but of much more interest to those who are in severe energy poverty and qualify for assistance under this scheme.

"The basic philosophy of the project is to enable some of the most vulnerable in our town who are in the worst energy poverty to live in draught free homes. Draught proofing is by far the most cost effective thing to do yet virtually no funding is available for it. The materials will be paid for by the grant and the labour will be provided by volunteers, initially this will be us, but as homes are done some of the beneficiaries will be invited to assist on the next couple of projects expanding the skills base and driving forward a community based self help programme. The idea is that the project will be self propelling and community driven. As the necessary materials are fairly cheap progress can be made in the general community where people can afford the materials but haven't done their draught proofing for lac of know-how or enthusiasm. There may even be a green business opportunity for cooperative purchasing of draught proofing products here too."

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