Sunday, 14 October 2012

Photo diary of a day in the life of a Green Party councillor: green jobs, tow path and RESCUE

I started the day by supporting Friends of the Earth with their green jobs flash mob in Reading town centre. This is part of their Clean British Energy campaign.

Rob Green jobs

Next, I went along and supported the Greenpeace Save the Arctic campaign.

Rob and polar bear

After a spot of lunch myself and Melanie Eastwood did a bit of work promoting that the Kennet Side tow path has now been reopened between the Newtown and the town centre – although some of the work finishing the fencing is ongoing.

Rob and Mel and tow path

Finally,  we helped Newtown GLOBE and the Kennet and Brunel Community Association with a Reading RESCUE cleanup at Kennet Mouth and the Thames etc. I finished the day with a cup of tea at the Jolly Anglers.

Rob and Mel RESCUE

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Musocelt said...

Sounds like you deserved that cuppa!