Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kennet Side path update

Thanks to Roger from the Kennet and Brunel Community Association for the update:

"I am writing to give you a further update on the progress of this project. When I last wrote to you in July I informed you that the expected completion date was today, Friday 28 September. Unfortunately our contractor has advised us that it will not be possible to open the path today for safety reasons.
Over the last week there have been further delays largely due to difficulties working around the Thames Water manhole which is approximately half way along the site. The wall is being constructed using a number of standard sized pre cast concrete units which have been designed to slot together. The majority of these unit have been placed with relatively little problem. However the area around the manhole has been more problematic and the contractor has been required to cut down some of the concrete piles and make adjustments to the precast concrete units on site in order to make them fit properly. This has taken longer than they were anticipating. The extra time working in this area has meant a delay in the pouring of concrete for the capping beam and it would not be safe to carry out this task with the path open. In addition to this several days were lost when a boat hit the coffer dam and it had to be rebuilt.
I have been assured by the contractor that they will be able to re-open half width of the footpath at the end of next Friday, 5 October, with the guard railing installation works completed one week later under localised pedestrian management.
The contractor will be erecting signs on site to inform the public of the date the path will be reopened."

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