Sunday, 27 May 2012

Reading Freegle #rdg – keeping things out of landfill

Reading Freegle is a way of keeping things out of landfill, it facilitates you passing on things which you no longer need and getting things that you do need. They have recently improved their system. See the e-mail below:
"Hi ReadingFreegleUK members.

First of all, this is entirely optional - you don't have to try this if you don't want to, and everything will carry on working just as it does at present.

Sometimes people find Yahoo a bit frustrating. For ages people have been asking to be able to:

see just OFFERs which aren't TAKEN, and WANTEDS which aren't RECEIVED
see posts from all the Freegle groups you belong to in one place
see just OFFERs or just WANTEDs
use just a couple of clicks to mark your OFFERs as TAKEN, WANTEDs as RECEIVED, or repost items
see where things are on a map
join groups more easily, without having to tackle the mysteries of getting a Yahoo ID
Set up an alert for an item using our Alerts feature

And now you can! Our new way of doing things is called Freegle Direct, so if any of the above sounds worth a look, click on

Don't worry; you are not committing to anything - you can easily go back to how you use the group now if you are not happy. Whether you use this or stick with how you use the group now, it is still the same group - just a different way of viewing and using it.

You can easily sign in with either a Yahoo, Gmail or Facebook ID at Freegle Direct:

Please email us if you need any help using Freegle.
Any queries, just get in touch with us at
Best wishes
Alan, David, Wendy and Matt

Links to all the above are on our home page at Yahoo:

ADMIN new way to make freegling much easier.    __._,_.___
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