Thursday, 24 May 2012

Alfred Sutton expansion letter

In case this didn't get to you in the pupil post:

"Dear Parents,


Across the whole of Reading we are facing a significant shortage of pupil places for September 2012, and are having to identify a number of primary schools across the Borough to accommodate the additional children who have applied for a school place. In East Reading this year (2012/13) we have seen a corresponding increase in demand for school places and in response Alfred Sutton Primary School has volunteered to accept an additional intake of up to 30 foundation stage children.

Alfred Sutton is a popular choice amongst parents in the locality, often first preference. This year we are presented with a significant increase in pupils in East Reading generally and to date we have been unable to offer them all a school place. Whilst not all the children live within the designated area for Alfred Sutton we will try and offer those closest to the school with a place.

Our criteria for selecting Alfred Sutton Primary for this expansion include:-

  • The demand for the extra spaces is arising primarily from children within the East Reading /Wokingham Road area.
  • The school has the space to help develop new pupil capacity for Reading

This cohort will then work their way through the school until they leave after year 6. The Borough Council and the school will now work together to strategically locate a new modular building on the school grounds to allow the planned growth in pupil numbers. In addition the Council is committed to Masterplanning the existing school, to ensure that it can successfully integrate the enlarged year group throughout the 7 years that the pupils will attend Alfred Sutton Primary School.

This is the case for September 2012 and the school and the Local Authority are in discussions for future years.

We realize many of you will have questions and concerns where this proposal is concerned. We are intending to hold an open afternoon in the school during the summer term where, alongside the school staff, we will be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have in response to our proposals. We will issue further information about this event as soon as we have organized it.

Yours faithfully,

Myles Milner

Education Assets Manager"

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