Thursday, 22 March 2012

Residents' parking, visitors permits and Talfourd Avenue scheme

Last week I supported residents at the Traffic Management Advisory Panel to move a number of Park Ward schemes forwards.

At the start of the meeting it was announced that visitors' permits – for people staying overnight – could be used up until 10 AM – rather than 8 AM – which will give visitors a bit more of a lie in. This is something we had asked for, so pleased to see it happening.

Next we discussed the Talfourd Avenue to Holmes Road scheme – a one-way plug on Talfourd Avenue, 20 mph across the area and yellow lines painted on the corners of all roads. Residents clearly set out the case for moving this forwards and I was happy to say a few words in support. This went through without any problems.

Finally we discussed residents' parking in east Newtown. There were a handful of objections but given the overwhelming support this scheme had at the informal consultation stage again this went through without any problems.

This particular committee doesn't have decision-making power though. So the recommendations have been made to Cabinet which meets in under one month. But as they went through this committee without any problems then I am fully expecting them to go through Cabinet easily. At Cabinet we should also get a clear timescale for delivering both of these schemes.

Given that the new Labour candidate in Park Ward had said the Green Party is all talk no action in a recent newsletter I was surprised to see that neither her nor their outgoing ward councillor was that this meeting supporting these schemes.

Any questions please get in contact.

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