Wednesday, 7 March 2012

No to monarchy but yes to a party

Over the last week I have spoken to lots of people on the doorstep. Most have been happy with our hard work over the year. However I did get one telling off for being rude – never my intention – to the Queen.

This relates to the last full Council meeting where myself and Melanie didn't support a motion on the Queen's Jubilee but supported the idea of people having a party to build stronger communities locally.

Here is the Council's press release advertising the free road closures for Queen's Jubilee celebrations:

"Reading residents are being invited to apply to the Council if they want to hold a street party to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee or the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer, and the good news is that in Reading it won't cost you a penny to close your street to traffic.

Application packs are being sent out to people who have already enquired about having a street party during this time.  We are hoping that even more streets take part than last year, when Reading saw 16 Street Parties take place across the Borough to celebrate the Royal Wedding in April.

For all approved applications, the Council has waived the usual road closure fee so that residents can celebrate without any extra costs.
Any street party in Reading will not be liable for any fee on the following conditions:
-- It is for fewer than 500 people
-- It is only publicised to local residents
-- Any music is only incidental
-- No selling is involved
-- It is organised by residents rather than professional planners

If you want to have a bar where people can pay for drinks or you intend to have entertainment for the wider public or you plan to charge people for entry to your event, you will need a Temporary Event Licence, which costs £21 from the Council's Licensing Department.

However if organising a Street Party seems a little daunting why not get involved with this year's 'Big Lunch' We are encouraging residents to take part in the forth 'Big Lunch' celebration which takes place on Sunday 3 June as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  The Big Lunch is an initiative to celebrate neighbourliness across the UK by encouraging communities to come together for lunch once a year.  Reading communities are being urged to pack a picnic, head to their nearest green space and make friends with each other.  For further information please visit

For more information on the Big Lunch or for your street party application pack call Lucy Burgess on 0118 937 2771 or email All street party applications should be returned by Monday 30 April, at the latest."


Happy Jo said...

Hi Rob

Interesting post - thanks.

Just an aside, though, in your bio at the foot of this page, it says that you are the lollypop man at Alfred Sutton primary school. Apologies if I've missed you but I haven't seen you there for months. I wouldn't have bothered to mention it were it not for the fact that the traffic situation on Crescent Road is desperate and I see children in danger every day.

Again, sorry if I've missed seeing you there and additional apologies for hijacking this post.

Rob White said...

No problem.

As always I am still there on a Monday afternoon. Unfortunately we lost the volunteer doing the mornings. I have asked the Council to readvertise the position to see if we can get someone to do it full-time and get paid. If you know anyone who might be interested let me know.

Happy Jo said...

I'll spread the word :-)