Monday, 10 October 2011

Make your donation to the Green Party count double

A letter from our treasurer:

"Dear supporter,

I am writing to let you know about our new matched giving fund-raising campaign, and invite you to participate by making a one-off donation to party funds.

The current financial context for Reading and Wokingham Green Party is as follows:

· Getting Melanie Eastwood elected as our second Green councillor in Reading cost us £900 and our special fund-raising effort succeeded in raising £420 – which is good, but obviously not good enough, leaving us with a shortfall of £480.

· At our recent annual strategy review we decided that next year we would target not one but three wards – Park (our third councillor), a second Reading ward, and our first Wokingham ward, Shinfield South, where we will be building on this year’s excellent result.

Clearly we will need to raise a great deal more money in order to enable us to win further electoral success in these wards.

The fundraising campaign will run from 1st September 2011 to 30th November 2011. The way it will work is as follows:

1. You decide how much you want to give – any amount between £5.00 and £100.00 - then let me know –

2. I match your donation with a pledged donation from one of our existing donors, and let you know that I have found a match.

3. You make your donation.

4. When the money has arrived in our bank account, I inform the existing donor, and he or she donates the same amount.

In this way, your donation gets doubled. Donate £20.00 and the party receives £40.00. Existing donors have pledged £375.00. This means that we could raise £750.00. A sum of this size will make a real difference.

You can donate in any of the following ways:

· Send a cheque payable to Reading Green Party to me at: Hyde End Road, Shinfield, Reading, RG2 EP

· Donate online at

· Donate by telephone or internet banking to account number 20048696, sort code 16-58-10.

Best wishes

Marjory Bisset"

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