Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Is it possible to tackle dog poo in Reading?

My morning walk took an interesting turn this morning when I spotted a woman – approximately 65 years old, grey hair, average build – not clear up after one of her two small terrier type dogs which I saw foul the pavement in Newtown – if you know who this is let me know.

I pointed this out to her but she just verbally attacked me. Plan B was to phone the police and the council to get someone to come out and issue her with a £1000 fine. Unfortunately the police informed me it was a council issue and the council informed me that although they do have the power to fine people, they don't have the power to demand someone's name and address – which is obviously needed to fine someone. But they said that the police have all the powers necessary. Doh!

By this point I had been following the culprit for 10 min. She had noticed that I was following her, was walking in a circle and was trying to make out that I was some sort of dodgy character – maybe I shouldn't have challenged her and then it would have been easier to work out where she lived.

Because of the confusion between the police and council on this issue I gave up on trying to get them involved and had another go at talking to the woman. In the end she relented, a resident provided her with a plastic bag and she cleared up the dog poo.

My experience has shown me that we have a way to go before we are positioned to tackle dog poo on the pavements in Reading. I have taken the confusion up with council officers which hopefully will move us forwards.

To round off my morning in what I can only describe as an act of animal solidarity,  at the end of the saga a pigeon dropped its load on me. Fortunately although a direct hit was scored my hat took the brunt of it.

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Gareth Epps said...

Karma Rob ;-)

We've been round the houses on this issue before. I campaigned for RBC to use its powers to penalise anti-social so-and-sos such as your resident others in Katesgrove when I was a councillor. To my knowledge Reading has only once used its fixed penalty powers - and that was when an officer was told to do so by a NAG chair when a dog fouled a park they were walking around, and only after the officer initially refused!

I was told that all this had changed. Clearly it hasn't.

You're right to campaign to get them to change - but you'll do well to get them to listen.