Thursday, 25 November 2010

Palmer Park recycling has moved

A message from Reading Borough Council:

"The Park Team have been working over the last few weeks to move the Palmer Park recycling site. I’m pleased to inform you, yesterday the recycling banks were relocated to the new recycling area in Palmer Park they are in the new car park near to Stadium.

Regarding old the area it was cleaned and rubbish was removed arrangements are being made for the litter bins to be relocate and signs are going up to inform the members of the public that the site as been relocated."


Bear said...

This is a really bad move. One of the best things about the old recycling site is that it was easy to get to from the road or by foot. Now you have to make a special trip to get to the recyling bins. Maybe not such a hardship while you're driving but if you're trying to be green, like we do, and go on foot, you can no longer do it on your way to the Woky Road shops or the library. you have to make an effort and a detour to get to the bins.

And where on earth was the consultation on this?

Rob White said...

Thanks for your comment. There was limited consultation from the Council and we did some doorknocking on the issue to raise awareness of it. Which road do you live in?

Dan said...

I agree to some extent with Bear, Rob! It was very handy and visible before. Would have been nice to have some signs saying that they were being moved rather than turning up with bags full of recycling and discovering they had vanished! :)


Rob White said...

I was under the impression that the signs were up... I will chase this up.