Saturday, 20 November 2010

Maiden Erlegh "the catch"

Here is the detail of what Wokingham is now proposing. I am still trying to get my brain round exactly what this means and will post again with more information when I have.

"(a) Bulmershe and Maiden Erleqh School

Following consultation on the Secondary Admissions Review, it is proposed that Maiden Erlegh's area be

expanded to incorporate parts of the current Bulmershe area in Lower Earley.
expanded to incorporate parts of the current HoltIForest area in Lower Earley.

It is also proposed that part of the current Bulmershe area (Shinfield North, west of Shinfield Rd) is reassigned to the shared area for Emmbrook, Holt, Forest and St Crispins - see b) below.

It is proposed that the whole of the new Maiden Erlegh area be treated as a shared area, so that it also forms part of the designated area for Bulmershe School.

Within the designated area criteria (C and D) for Maiden Erlegh, the tiebreaker to be used, in place of radial distance from the school, is 'additional radial distance to the alternative designated area school. This would be calculated as the distance to Bulmershe School minus the distance to Maiden Erlegh School.

In effect this tiebreaker would mean that priority would be given to those applicants who, if they were not admitted to Maiden Erlegh, would have to travel the furthest to Bulmershe as their alternative designated area school."

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