Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow fall-out, potholes and fixmystreet

The report from the Council following on from all of the snow and knock-on problems is out.

One of the things that now has to be addressed following on from this bad weather is fixing all of the potholes that have been created. Some are quite big, and my picture is of one that is around 10 to 15 cm deep! If you were to hit this while cycling it would be pretty dangerous! One of the things that we can do to help the Council repair these potholes is report to them. The fixmystreet website is good for this.

One thing the council could do to improve its communications -- mentioned in the snow report -- is set up a Twitter account and use it to push out important information. It could also have a Facebook page. And while we're at it the CEO could have a blog. I have set up a Facebook group to pressure the Council on this front.

PS I hope Daisy Benson will get involved as credit where credit is due she has also been calling for the Council to make more use of 'new' media.

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