Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mark Thomas review

I went to see comedian and political campaigner Mark Thomas last night at South Street. He currently has a show where the audience come up with policy ideas and vote on the best.

Some of the policy ideas from last night's show included:

-- a Michelin star for Sweeney Todd's
-- more capacity in women's' toilets
-- everyone should carry around two salt sachets in case of more snow

Other shows had come up with such gems as:

-- disguising leopards as foxes as a sort of equaliser on foxhunts
-- invading Jersey with the aim of closing it down as a corporate tax dodgers paradise
-- supporters of nuclear power should be responsible for storing the radioactive waste in their gardens

After the voting had finished we settled on the very sensible but lacking in comedy value policy of renationalising the railways.

As always a good show. And I am looking forward to the book!

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