Friday, 18 December 2009

Playing fields -- fisking Richard McKenzie

Richard McKenzie appears to be blogging about me in all but name calling me a liar etc. As his blog isn't interactive I can't post a comment on there so I thought I would do a quick fisk here.

Firstly I have never said that the Alfred Sutton portion of the playing field is under threat, it is the 5.6 ha of Thames Valley University playing fields next to it. It would be good to see what fact he is basing this allegation on?

He says that there is no plan. I would be interested to hear what type of document he thinks the Site Allocations Document is? The playing fields site is SA86 which is on page 155 of part three of appendix three:

Richard mentions that the site won protection in 1999. Having spoken to Council officers already on this I think he is referring to the Alfred Sutton planning brief, which I have been informed is of questionable value due to the new Local Development Framework. The officers seemed to think it wouldn't hold up under an appeal from a developer.

That is enough now. I look forward to his response.

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