Monday, 17 August 2009

Holiday on the Isle of Wight

We arrived on Saturday at the campsite on the Isle of Wight. Not having the instructions to the tent we borrowed, it took us a while to erect it and when we had finished we had six polls left over -- I am sure they were not important.

Over the course of the week we did plenty of walking around the island. We ate well from our barbecue and gas stove. Our sightseeing included a windmill, possibly the oldest vineyard in the UK and a glassworks.

At night being in a tent there was not much to do apart from read and sleep -- no rude comments please! We did eat out one evening at the Hong Kong Express in Newport and their vegetarian set meal was very tasty and filling. On another evening we went to the cinema in Ryde to see the new Harry Potter film. I had been avoiding the films and books up until that point, but I thought I should see or read one. As the cinema price was £2.50 and seeing a film is quicker than reading a book I could not say no. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the film.

On the Friday before we went home we had a free day and Sam discovered in the local paper that there was still campaigning going on at the Vestas wind turbine factory over its closure -- we had not realised until this point due to our limited contact with computers and mobile phones etc. So we decided to head down there -- more about this when I get the chance to do another post but suffice to say the campaign still goes on.

On Saturday before catching the ferry home we popped into the Garlic Festival. As you might imagine there was plenty of garlic merchandise -- preserves, beer, seed etc. There was also a strong man, bands and various other entertainment.

All in all a good holiday and I would definitely recommend the Isle of Wight as a holiday destination.


Jim Jay said...
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Anonymous said...

Definitely time for a break from politics when you don't know your opinion polls from your tent poles! :)

(sorry - previous post was me not realising Jim was logged into my laptop)

Red Green Nick said...

Love the IOW, very laid back place to relax. Now it has a bit of a radical Green tradition throught the Vestas occupations too!