Monday, 6 April 2009

A month in the life of a Green Party campaigner -- March report

Here is my monthly Green Party activist/community campaigner support for March. I've tried to organise it into sections this time to make it easier to read. Feedback welcome.

I have continued our campaign for energy meters to be loaned out from libraries -- the Council are now in the process of buying some. I have also continued to work on our campaign about parking on pavements.

Community work
Crossing patrol at the Alfred Sutton School
Cleared up rubbish in Newtown and up the Wokingham Road for Reading RESCUE with Newtown GLOBE
Volunteered at the True Food Co-op

Meetings and events
Newtown NAG meeting
International women's day event at RISC
Thames Valley Vegans and Veggies event at Maiden Erleigh School
Age of Stupid film premiere
Green talk at Maiden Erleigh School
Reading University School of social work closure meeting
Climate camp meeting
Traffic Management Advisory Panel meeting to support Filey Road residents petitioning for a parking permit scheme
Meet the ambassador meeting at the Pakistani Community Centre
Alfred Sutton School International day event -- stalls about food and culture from around the world
Earth Hour at RISC
Alfred Sutton School Governor committee meeting -- Parents, Pupils and the Community committee

Since the local elections in May 2008 residents have raised 223 casework items with me. I have replied and closed 193 of these.

This month I have requested yellow lines, got some new public litter bins for Bulmershe Road and College Road, got a new Road sign for Eastern Avenue and supported residents asking for a solution to their parking problems in Newtown amongst other things.

Green Party
Helped to deliver our Park Ward newsletter.

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