Thursday, 9 April 2009

Kings Meadow Lido

I went along to the Kings Meadow Campaign meeting last night -- very well attended even though it was way out in Mapledurham. Whilst it was good to hear all about the history of baths and to bash the Conservative and Labour councillors who are there -- because one way or another they seemed to be supporting the developer and not the King's Meadow Campaign -- I thought the meeting needed a bit more of a focus on action as the Cabinet decision is just next week -- Tuesday 14th April -- click here for full details of the meeting.

To buy more time for the campaign and to get to the Council on board it was suggested that the decision could be called in to the full council, that people should go down to Cabinet to show support for the campaign and that a public enquiry could be forced. I will be going to Cabinet and I would urge anyone that cares about preserving green space and reclaiming a slice of Reading's culture and history to attend as well.

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