Saturday, 4 October 2008

Nepalese Ex PM comes to Reading

Just got back from being one of the guests at a public meeting with the Nepalese PM. The meeting was focusing on the Gurkha right to settle issue which I've worked on recently.

I think we won the argument for the right to settle ages ago. With the recent test case decision, another battle has been won, but I think the government still has enough room for movement to get out of this situation without righting the injustice against the Gurkhas. So we better keep the pressure on. And we've not even got onto pensions yet!

On a lighter note, Rob Wilson MP better watch out on the way home, as the 12 inch blade (kukri) he was presented with and was last seen concealing under his coat, won't do much for his knives cost lives campaign if caught by the police!

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Adrian Windisch said...

See Pic of Rob campaigning on this at