Friday, 24 October 2008

Economic growth

There is a very good Special Report on economic growth and how (un)sustainable it is over at the New Scientist website. You can read some of it for free. I'll be off to the library to read the rest.

Hat tip to Chris Rose for bringing it to my attention and in his words:

"It's the fundamental difference between us and the ConLabLibSNPPlaidSocialistSect conflation whose ultimate economic (ecological) illiteracy we need to be hammering in the run up to the General Election."


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Derek Wall said...

Hi Rob!

'We thus have any interesting problem, economic growth is unsustainable for a variety of reasons, however it is inherent in a modern capitalist economy. Providing alternatives to capitalism is no easy task but it is necessary. I suspect that ultimately it is easier to change the economic system than basic ecological realities, however most commentators reverse my approach' is my analysis that went towards the Sustainable Development Commission discussion on growth, that is in turn debated in New Scientist.