Friday, 2 March 2018

A bit closer to better crossing up near the Three Tuns…

Rob and Brenda canvassing outside the three tuns s
We have been keeping up the pressure to make sure Wokingham Council looks into the feasibility of a new pedestrian crossing near the Three Tuns. At the moment there is no direct formal crossing over from the estate agent to the Co-op at the junction of Wokingham Road and Church Road. Update from Wokingham Council below:

"Wokingham Borough Council have commissioned their consultants, WSP, to undertake the assessment and I can also confirm that traffic, pedestrian & cycle surveys and initial data collection has been completed.  The consultants are now preparing a traffic model of the junction prior to testing the provision of a formal crossing facility.  Following that, there will be design considerations before a final report is provided for the council to consider which is currently expected in April 2018."

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