Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Passing places on Crescent Road #rdg to improve road safety, what do you think?

Green councillors have been continuing to lobby for road safety improvements on Crescent Road. There are a number of streams of work, this one – to make sure they school zigzags are in the right place – is the simplest and the furthest forward. We want to get some feedback from residents as early as possible.

The transport planners were just going to put double yellow lines and school keep clear markings on the school side of the road. However, we know from what parents have said to us that sometimes congestion means people drive on the pavement. One idea that we have had is to introduce some passing places – using short sections of double yellow lines like we have created at the west end of Crescent Road near to the Eastern Avenue double roundabout. We have asked transport planners if we could have some passing places as part of this scheme. They have suggested one – as marked on the map.

We would like to know what people think about the idea of some passing places in principle, how many – looking at the map I think we could do with another one – and where they should be. Please comment on the blog post/Facebook and so on to let me know what you think. Alternatively send me an email:

It should be noted that we also want the council to look at the traffic flow in the area more generally but this is obviously a bigger piece of work. Following our lobbying we hope to the council will have produced some ideas to talk to people about during the summer.

Green councillors will keep lobbying to make sure every child has a safe route to school.

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